Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm on iOS 10.1.1 and TetherMe isn't working, how do I make it work?
    • The iOS 10.1.1 mach_portal jailbreak does not support Cydia Substrate, however you are able to manually load Substrate. This is not ideal and it may cause problems but it is the only way to make it work. A small shell script example is below to do this. Unfortunately the jailbreak is unstable so there is a chance your phone will reboot instead of respringing when you run this.


echo Injecting Substrate


[ -e /var/lib/dpkg/info/net.tetherme.tetherme8.extrainst_ ] && {

echo Injecting TetherMe



sleep 1

echo Restarting SpringBoard

launchctl stop

  • It says to call my carrier to enable Tethering, what should I do?
    • If you have LocationSpoofer by AlJaMa installed, please remove it. It is causing CommCenter to crash on iOS 6.1 which causes it to go into MobileSubstrate Safe Mode and this breaks TetherMe.
    • If this is not your problem, you probably don't have any data service. Be sure you can browse the web in Safari with your WiFi disabled.
    • If you have changed any settings, change them back to Automatic.
  • Why did my carrier charge me for the data I used??!?
    • TetherMe enables tethering. This does not hide the AMOUNT of data used from your carrier, even if it were possible, that would be illegal as you would be stealing bandwidth. Tethering shares your data connection, it does not create data from thin air.
  • Will my carrier be able to detect that this is tethered data?
    • TetherMe does what is possible to make the tethered data look like all the other data from your phone, but there are things that can not be hidden because it would break your connection. If you want to be completely sure, tether a VPN connection.
  • What is Override Data Source?
    • This allows you to change where the data being shared from your iPhone comes from. For instance, if you select WiFi then your computer connected via USB will be able to use your iPhone to connect to a WiFi network.